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Guangzhou Lushan

Guangzhou China
Guangzhou Lushan New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise manufacturing functional polymer adhesive materials. Lushan is committing to bonding a more wonderful world with the power of chemistry R&D technology. In the beginning of foundation, Lushan has established the great mission “To improve mankind’s life and promote social progress through continuous technological innovation”. With leading advanced theory and technology of adhesive, Lushan has developed a series of products to meet market demands. Lushan products include functional polyolefin adhesive resin, solar EVA films, compatibilizers, etc. They are widely applied in area of oil & gas industry, solar energy, architecture, multi-layer packaging, automotive, electronics and appliances, etc. Lushan is supplying hundreds kinds of products and service to more than 20 countries globally. Based on the innovative concept “Customized Technology\\\\\\\", Lushan has become one of the most innovative technological enterprises in China. Facing up the situation of global economical development and the challenges of the new technological revolution, Lushan has made the full preparation for the goal to be the most competitive, innovative, international renowned and respected enterprise in the field of special functional polymer materials.

Color/ Surface
transparent (unconfirmed)

flame retardant (unconfirmed)

flow good (unconfirmed)

Reinforcement/ Contents
reinf. talcum (unconfirmed)

Further Features
density high (unconfirmed)

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